About S & T Machining Lab

We are Commited To Quality

S & T Machining was founded in Denver, CO and has proudly been in business since 1976. Serving a variety of customers in a wide range of industries; including, Medical, Aerospace and Food Processing lines. Our shop is approximately 8,400 square feet including office space and an inspection area.

The primary goal at S & T Machining is client satisfaction. We achieve this by providing prompt, professional due diligent service that is fairly priced. Every operation in our machining process is controlled, monitored and then logged and signed off by our quality department before being released to the next operation.​

S & T Machining is large enough to fit most of your needs, but small enough to provide personal service in a timely manner.


Our seasoned team are highly trained professionals who practice the best in the industry. We ensure every piece is produced with pride, and is of quality standards with superb excellence.